Despite the heavy rain pouring all over the Metro, members of the undeterred RLI family and its affiliates were nonchalantly celebrating the festive season with an array of glitz, glamour, and absolute fun last December 8th, 2017, at the Lietz Industrial Complex. With a White Christmas theme for this year, the event was attended by all employees of RLI who have effortlessly sported dazzling suits and dresses, accompanied by a smorgasbord of good food, and fine entertainment.

DSC_0071RLI President Mr. Rudolf J.H. Lietz opened the event with a timely reminder to everyone to celebrate the things that we rightly cherish, and share happiness with people who are undergoing difficult times in life.

“Being with our family, friends, and neighbors whom we don’t see often— the Christmas season is an opportunity for us to spend quality time with our loved ones. And with hearts full of hopes and love, it’s also the season to share something to the people around us, and renew our appreciation to gift giving, especially from all of us here in this evening who are fortunate enough to be joyous on this occasion.” remarked by Mr. Lietz in his speech.

As part of its Christmas tradition, all new members of the RLI family were tasked to prepare live and recorded group presentations, to showcase their talents in different fields. Newbies were grouped into three according to their talents, and planned their performances weeks before the event.

“It was fun! Especially during practices. Though the planning stage was so tedious, we were really pleased that we still managed to pull-off decent performances.” said by DSC_0239one of the employees.

Following the hearty dinner and the heartwarming performance from the Psalm of David Harmonic Orchestra was the speech from the CEO of Rudolf Lietz, Inc., where she grabbed the opportunity to present a recap video of RLI’s activities and accomplishments during the year.

“We have successfully achieved all the things that we have planned and targeted this year. Congratulations to everyone!” said Mrs. Lietz after the video presentation.


One of the highlights of the evening was the acknowledgement of the employees who have been in service to the company for years. On that night, two recipients were recognized for being part of the company for 5 strong years. Ms. Louchel Almeda, BU Regulatory Supervisor and Ms. Cynthia Ilagan, Logistics In-Charge of the Warehouse Department were awarded by the Executives, together with Ms. Georgina Bondoc, Process Manager of the HR Department. Service awardees were given certificates of recognition and cash incentives as tokens of appreciation.

Employees who have turned heads with their stunning outfits during the event were also recognized. Three (3) best dressed men and women of the evening’s white and silver theme were secretly assessed, and have all received prizes from the judges. It was then followed by the drawing of the twelve (12) lucky major prize winners.

Mr. Alexander R.J. Lietz, Vice President for Business Development of RLI gave his closing remarks thereafter, where he reiterated his reminder that each member of the RLI team is not working for the Lietz Family, but for their own hopes and dreams.

“You get-up early in the morning, which is a very hard thing to do. Travel to the office, work well, and earn for yourselves and your family. It’s all for your hopes and dreams. And for that, all of you deserve the right to have fun tonight.” said Mr. Alexander Lietz.

The evening was capped-off with the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne, where everyone joined hands together to form a great round circle around the venue, symbolizing unity on the years to come.

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Rudolf Lietz Inc. was established by Mr. Rudolf J.H. Lietz in 1970 in the Philippines as Lietz Import-Export and continued to grow as a major force in Southeast Asian Industries, representing reliable manufacturers and trading houses on a vast range of chemical raw materials.